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Add: Zone A, 3/F, No.1 Jinqiao Agricultural Products Market, 169 Kunlun Road, Xingning District, Nanning, Guangxi, China
Tel:0771-2533203  15907818338



1、Corporate Qualification

u2011-year Hong Kong Name Brand Gold Award

uTelecom Value-added Service Business Certificate

uISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification

uStrategic Partner of Guangxi Branch of China Unicom

uStrategic Partner of Guangxi Branch of China Ping An Insurance (Group) Company



     Hong Kong Top Brand Award    Value-added telecommunications       ISO9001:2008                                business license                     



2、Platform Qualification

uFully support location of Chinese Beidou Satellites Navigation System

uMeet platform standard of JT/T796-2011 ministerial standard of Ministry of Communications

uGuangxi Locally Deployed Server (under specialized trusteeship of Guangxi Unicom)

uMeet third-class requirements of “Classified Protection of Information Security”

uUse the largest Chinese map supplier-Auto Navi Map (local deployment)

uMeet requirements of Nanning City Road Transport Dynamic Monitoring Platform (Nanning Municipal Government Monitoring Platform)

uMeet requirements of Guangxi District Road Transport Vehicle Dynamic Monitoring Platform (Guangxi District Government Monitoring Platform)


Ministry of Public Security Information Sys   Support Beidou satellite navigation system

tem-level protection for the record to prove                    




3、Equipment Qualification

uTelecommunication Equipment Network Access License

uChina Compulsory Certification

uRadio Transmission Equipment Type Approval Certification

uPass National Certification of Electrical Equipment for Explosive Atmosphere

uRecorder is in accordance with National Standard GB/T19056-2012

uIn accordance with Guangdong Provincial Standard DB44/T 578-2009

uEquipment Certification of National Ministry of Communications JT/T794-2011 Ministerial Standard

uRecorder meets requirements of “Safety Specifications for Power Driven Vehicles Operating on Roads” National Standard GB7258-2012 on electrical equipment


Access License                  Compulsory 3C Certification         Type Approval prove


 Ex certification        Guangdong landmark DB44     Ministry of standard JT/T794 certification


         Central authority