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Add: Zone A, 3/F, No.1 Jinqiao Agricultural Products Market, 169 Kunlun Road, Xingning District, Nanning, Guangxi, China
Tel:0771-2533203  15907818338


Corporate Culture

A. Vision and Mission:
 - To be the most reliable and trustworthy business partner in world.
- To be the best seller in China.
- To make the preferred choice for customers, investor and employee.


B. Operating principle
Professional Management
Attitude of management and quality of service are critical elements for its success. As the market is constantly changing, we request our team to make continuous progress in the study and we are innovating constantly to meet new demands in the market and assist the customer promoting the business to a new high.

Advanced Technology
Phoenix Group adopts a full range of advanced logistics technologies in the market in order to ensure the quality and level of supply chain management and services. We use the state-of-the-art technologies which include a world-class supply chain management system that consists of warehouse management system, inventory management system, and cargo tracking system. This integrated management system allows us to obtain most accurate and reliable information to do the data analysis and reports. Also, this system is able to provide customers with the most efficient and more robust of supply chain services, we greatly enhance for the high transparency of the service that benefited to all of our clients.

Team Spirit
Logistics management involves difference areas of cooperation and it relies on high quality team work. Team spirit becomes one of the essential elements that make us towards provision of better services for our clients. Phoenix Group believes that professional teams with great team spirit can offer trustworthy support to customer.


C. Business objectives
The best solution comes from the perspective of customer
Phoenix offers professional consultancy service to analyze and develop the best solutions for each customer. With the aim to achieve the most effective results with the least resources, we tailor-make unique solutions for every client as we believe that each client have their special needs in business.

Talent Acquisition to build up the strongest Professional Team
We have a belief that “talent is the important resource of enterprises” and it is most important asset to us, without high quality logistics service can never be possible. Phoenix Group attaches importance in recruiting talents and providing personal training to all our staffs in order to offer the updated market trend to our business partners & customers always. We take care of all your investment needs. When you invest us, we also invest a great deal of resources for building up our professional team that enables us to succeed in the increasingly competitive global marketplace.

Strong backup for supporting the business growth
Based on the years of experience in Phoenix International management and teams in the industry,
We offer the most reliable support for our clients in their business. We let your business without having to worry every little detail of your business; you are free to focus on your core business activities. Phoenix Group is always ready to provide you the strongest support that is more flexible and reliable.


D. Operation values
Professional management offers reliable solutions and trustworthy business to customer


Advanced Logistics Technology creates the best business environment for customers.


Experienced experts and continuous training equip our team providing professional knowledge and delivering quality services to achieve the best results and surpass customers’ expectations. 


Committed to serving you, flexibility management and operation offers tailor-made service to clients with their different needs.