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Social Responsibility

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Add: Zone A, 3/F, No.1 Jinqiao Agricultural Products Market, 169 Kunlun Road, Xingning District, Nanning, Guangxi, China
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Development Philosophy

       We are concerned about the interests of the government, employees, customers, partners, stakeholders, communities and the media, the environment and other related parties demands, adhere to the "integrity of justice, cooperation and win-win," the core concept of "innovation, performance, harmony, responsibility" as the core values .

       We focus on the development of science and technology innovation and management innovation combine to pursue coordination and win-win market, environmental, social, and we stick with competitors harmony, harmony with nature, in harmony with the staff, and social harmony, and the concept of social responsibility final assumed responsibility for implementing the practice of market performance, technology innovation, energy saving and environmental protection, employee care, corporate citizenship among the five areas.
         Recalling the path we have taken is to constantly optimize the management, enterprise management and development mechanisms, innovative liability management philosophy and practice, the course of efforts to achieve sustainable development of enterprises.
         On corporate governance, stakeholder co-governance to change not only our business to create value for investors, more stakeholders work together to provide a platform for the creation of social value.

         In business management, we look from the perspective of the social needs of the daily operations of the consolidated companies, are not limited to improve internal operational efficiency, and to the integrated use of resources, information and the ability to grasp the business and maximize the value of integrated stakeholders.
         On development mechanism, we focus on better allocation of social resources, from where the regional economic and social development, from logistics, food industry development needs of industrial transformation and upgrading, starting from their own characteristics, give full play to subjective stakeholders initiative to strengthen cooperation with each other to maximize the value of creating a comprehensive economic, social and environmental development of enterprises.