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Social Charity

         April 20, 2013, that Ya'an 7.0 earthquake occurred, the masses are at stake, the local economic and social development suffered serious losses. Disaster touched the hearts of people in counseling, after the company received the news, extensive mobilization of leadership, immediately reacted positively organizations caring staff to carry out activities, issued a disaster donation offered to all employees work written proposal.
          Charity is the traditional virtue of the Chinese family name; distress - poverty is the common responsibility of the community. Enterprises in the development, only conscious social responsibility in order to achieve a win-win economic and social benefits, achievements centennial.
          Jinpeng Since its establishment, adhere to honesty, and strive to provide the community with qualified and quality of various products; improve efficiency, tax law; overall situation and social care, love; maintaining stability, expand employment and take practical action for the party and the country Fenyou .