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Add: Zone A, 3/F, No.1 Jinqiao Agricultural Products Market, 169 Kunlun Road, Xingning District, Nanning, Guangxi, China
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Open Positions


a、Sales Director - Food
 Job Description: (1) assist the general manager of the company established to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy plan; (2) the organization responsible for the development and implementation of a complete marketing programs; (3) is responsible for the customer, among the industry establish a good working relationship; (4) responsible for guiding and controlling the direction of marketing work and progress; (5) is responsible for organizing the means to develop a variety of sales, sales plan and collection tasks; (6) is responsible for managing sales staff, to help build, supplement, development, training sales force; (7) is responsible for control of the market dynamics, familiar with market conditions and has unique insights; (8) is responsible for managing the country's distributor; (9) presided over the negotiations the company signed a contract with a major marketing work; (10) to help deal with large customer complaints, tracking process results of the complaints, and customer satisfaction surveys; (11) for customer analysis, customer relations, and tap user demand; (12) in-depth understanding of the industry, grasp the latest sales information, providing business development strategy based;

        Qualifications: (1) male or female, age 35-45 years old, a native of limitation. (2) a college education, more than five years of relevant work experience in managing sales director. (3) there is a wealth of industry experience in marketing planning, to identify, identify potential business partners, familiar status of development of the industry market; has excellent marketing skills, strong marketing and operational capacity. (4) Good oral and written communication skills. (5) The work is meticulous, rigorous and strategic forward-thinking; (6) has a strong management skills, judgment and decision-making skills, interpersonal communication skills, planning and implementation capacity; (7) excellent marketing, project coordination negotiation skills; (8) has a high degree of enthusiasm and responsibility.


b、GPS Business Development Specialist

1. is responsible for promoting the company's products and sales of GPS, the monthly sales target of the company to develop;
2. develop and maintain customer relationships;
3. assist participating companies tender;
4. has collected the industry's product information, investigate and understand the market dynamics, and timely feedback to develop business development program supervisor, the timely submission of the report, be sure to update customer profiles;
5. To help promote the company's brand image;
6. Integration of all resources, widening product promotion channels.
(1) college or relevant professional qualifications, insurance, marketing and public relations;
(2) has a year or more commercial customers expand and direct experience, work ethic focus;


c、the development commissioner wine
 1, college degree or above, aged 23 - 25 years old;
 2, there is wine sales experience is preferred;
 3, have good marketing skills and customer service awareness;
 4, and can even be hard to work under pressure;
 5, there is a large FMCG customers or other sales experience;
 6, standard Mandarin, good communication, communication;
 7, active and responsive;
 8, there is wine tasting certificates issued by the relevant departments of priority.


d、Regional Sales Representative - Food:

1, college degree or more, marketing majors, more than 1 year of working experience FMCG.

2、Hard-working, team spirit.


e、Warehouse Logistics Manager

Briefs and other requirements:

1, the overall responsibility for the investment department of logistics , administration , logistics and coordination of the relationship between internal and external storage interfaces , development and implementation of the work plan logistics , warehouse sound investment , logistics management and warehouse management outside the operating specifications and processes improve internal operational efficiency , reduce total cost of warehousing and logistics ;
2 , responsible for the actual operation , the company's warehouse management system, logistics management system for the appropriate planning , establishment and improvement , to achieve the company inventory management, optimizing internal and external logistics logistics system ;
3 , is responsible for the scientific planning and inventory adjustments and location of storage materials and finished products , to improve the program , the rational use of warehouse space to ensure maximum utilization of the warehouse ;
4 , responsible for organizing the logistics department functioning of accuracy and efficiency , monitor security warehouse , temperature, humidity and cleaning routine work to comply with the relevant national regulations to ensure that goods storage, transport and protection meet the requirements ;
5 , responsible for monitoring the quality of goods inventory warehousing , inventory build sluggish poor coordination mechanism for handling abnormal tissues promptly reported and inventory handling , avoid super storage inventory shortage , destruction and so on, to ensure that inventory supplies is safe and effective .

Salaries and benefits:

1, with a salary system industry competitiveness.
2, for the purchase of five employees insurance, commercial insurance.
3, gratuity and employee care: Staff weddings, birthdays He will receive the company's gold or cake ritual
4, the company for employees to create a safe and healthy and comfortable office environment, to enhance the quality of work of employees.
5, in order to focus on employee health and safety of food, the company set up a canteen for employees to provide protection to eat lunch.
6, such as staff needs, the company can arrange accommodation.
7, company vehicles will be at 8:30 in the morning Zhuxi Interchange shuttle employees to work from the south directly to a company.
8, bus routes: 

Take 22 Road, 22 Road section, 606 Road, 803 Road, and turn 22 after arrival terminal Jinqiao Road, 22 Road section, 606 Road, 803 Road to the south gate off JinqiaoAgricultural markets South Gate off